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Management training allows participants to acquire managerial skills within an organization, this will allow participants to acquire new management tools to achieve the terminal objectives of the company.

The various management modules we offer revolve around several technical, organizational and personal themes, namely:

Target population:

  • Any manager responsible for supervising and leading a team, a department or a project.

Training in aeronautical professions provides expertise in the engineering of these ecosystems. It will be a question of offering to the community of the sector all the aeronautical training by type of profession in particular:

  • Transportation by air
  • The methods
  • Aviation safety
  • mechanical manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Civil aviation

Target population:

  • Technicians and engineers working in aeronautical companies
  • Aircrew and airport technicians
  • Airport management
  • Airport Safety and Security
  • Airport operation
  • Management and maintenance of airport equipment
  • Quality management
  • Quality audit
  • Quality and environment
  • Quality and certification iso 9001 version 2015
  • SGS Safety Management System
  • Human factors
  • Aircraft rescue and firefighting
  • Fire safety
  • Security management
  • Air Cargo Security Awareness
  • Security oversight
  • Operational safety
  • Logistics and production
  • Mechanical
  • Metrology
  • Electronic
  • Business intelligence
  • Governance of information systems
  • Data center
  • Methods function
  • Definition of products
  • Measurement methods and tools
  • CAPM
  • Cost building
  • Materials
  • Shaping materials and RDM
  • Assembly methods
  • Quality assurance
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Programming methods
  • Process mapping
  • Surface treatments
  • Continuous improvement tools
  • Industrial maintenance
  • maintenance management system
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance
Air Transport
  • Air transport economics
  • flight dispatcher traffic agent
  • Freight
  • Stopover
  • Transport of dangerous goods DGR
Social science

Training in the human sciences makes it possible to identify the introspective mechanisms of humans and to analyze them in order to understand their functioning in the relationship with others. The human sciences make it possible to:

  • Consolidate the values of living together
  • Adapt human behavior according to virtue
  • Acting for the general interest
  • Develop a collective consciousness
  • Strengthen social cohesion

The training areas are:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy

Target population:

  • All populations combined

To access new professional opportunities, discover another culture, visit the country of your dreams and communicate with others… There is always a good reason to learn a foreign language! Progress in English, French, German or Spanish, depending on the language of your choice thanks to distance learning or in your city.

Learn or update your level in Arabic, master written communication in Arabic, know how to write administrative reports in Arabic by attending courses adapted to your level and help you to progress in Arabic.

Our teaching methods today make it possible to train wherever and whenever you want, face-to-face or via e-learning.

Target population:

  • All populations combined


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